Staff Augmentation

Contract Staffing

Whether you need contractual staff for a seasonal project or to complete a pending/urgent work during leaves of absence, Finesson provide fresh/trained manpower to help you complete the project in pre-determined time frame.

From sourcing to the final hire, you can witness our commitment towards customized solutions to meet the workforce needs of our clientele base in every step of hiring process.

C2H Deployment

In addition to the permanent and contractual staffing services, Finesson offers ‘Contract To Hire’ staffing service that allows the enterprise to test the candidates before hiring them to their payrolls.

Our Contract to hire staffing service provides Enterprise a flexibility to hire right employees among numerous candidates by analyzing the working skills of the employee during the contractual period. After the contract period, the Enterprise has the flexibility to hire the employee to their payroll.

Train & Deploy Model

Be it a startup or well-established enterprise, hiring a candidate with specific skill set at lower costs in this competitive world is a big challenge.

To help you cope with this and stay ahead of the talent acquisition curve, Finesson provides Hire, Train and Deploy recruiting services which enables the businesses to screen the best-fit candidates and train them in particular skills before they actually join the organization.

Permanent Staffing

Identifying a candidate based on the job profile doesn’t enough to recruit a permanent employee. The HR team needs to ensure that the employee suits the enterprise environment as well, for the longevity of the placement.

We, at Finesson, search and screen bundles of Resumes/CVs for relevance to recommend candidates who are prepared to pursue the position wholeheartedly. Our unique and proven recruiting process helps you to hire the candidates with higher levels of commitment, focused towards the development of the Enterprise to maintain long-term relationship with the Enterprise.


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